Day 16: Arriving at Nandagopa’s mansion


Sri Nandagopa’s house, Sri Nandagram

Translation of Paasuram #16 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

” Oh the guard at the entrance of the mansion of our overlord NandagOpan! Oh the guard at the flag-staff decorated with festoons ! May you please release and open the lever bolt of the bejewelled doors with bells! (let us submit to you that) the Lord , Sri KrishNA –who is very charming with the color of blue-sapphire gem (maNi vaNNan), and who is of mysterious deeds (Maayan)– has assured us even yesterday that He would give the announcing drum ( paRai) to us, the young maidens of the cow-herd clan (gOpis of Gokulam) We, who are pure in heart and soul, have come here to sing in praise of, and awaken, the Lord. Please, oh mother-like compassionate guard , for the first time (munnam munnam) without refusing, kindly open the giant-like heavy doors (and grant us entry).

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“The Lord whose flag bears Sri Garuda is the One who removes all of the sins of one who surrenders to Him, and blesses that jiva with the unsurpassed bliss of Sri Vaikunta. We should help those who are prevented from approaching the Lord, and help them attain the Lord through selfless surrender (saranagathi).”


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