Day 15: Awaken! Oh parrot-like damsel!


Sri Andal’s parrot

{Note: Today’s paasuram “Elle! Ilankiliye!” holds a very special place amongst the 30 paasurams of the Thiruppaavai. It is considered to be “Thiruppaavailiuyum Thiruppaavai” or the Thiruppaavai within the Thiruppaavai. This paasuram glorifies bhaagavatha daasyam (service to the devotees of the Lord). The other paasuram that holds an equally exalted position is “Sittrum sirukaale” which glorifies bhagavad daasyam (service to the Lord)… the other injunction for all Vaishnavas. Recitation of all 30 paasurams daily is highly recommended, and if this is not possible, recitation of “Sitrum sirukaale” three times is considered equally beneficial.}

Translation of Paasuram #15 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

(In the group of the awakening songs of ten maidens, namely pasasurams (6-15), this paasuram is the last one and is set in the form of conversation between the maidens at the the threshold of a house and the God-intoxicated maiden inside the house.

{ The girls at the threshold }: Hello! young parrot-like damsel! are you fast asleep even now ?
(The maiden within answers): Do n’t be harsh(lit. chilly) in calling me ; Oh girls of higher strand ! just now I am coming.
{ The group outside}: You can talk well.; we know it ( skill in speech)already.
( The girl inside): As it is , you (all) are strong (in wordy combat); does no’t matter,let me the one (in harsh speech); (my apologies to you for my harshness).
(The group outside): Come quickly and join us.with whom else are you so engaged (being separated form us)?
( The girl inside): Have all (our friends) come already ?
( The girls outside): Oh Yes, they have come. May You come out and take the roll call. We would like to hear you sing in praise of our Lord , who vanquished the unassailable elephant ( Kuvalayaapeedam, the court elephant of Kamsan)and who is highly powerful in destroying the enimity pertaining to His enemies.

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“We should prevent our children from becoming lazy, by teaching them to recite the vedas, prabhandhams, and stotras. They should be kept busy until bedtime, and awoken before dawn to resume engaging in auspicious activities.”


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