Sri Periazhwar…


Today is Ani Swathi… the thiruavatara dinam of Sri Periazhwar. Of all the Azhwars, two are prominent simply by their names… Swami Nammazhwar (“Our Azhwar”) and Sri Periazhwar (“The Great Azhwar”).  Sri Mahalakshmi incarnated as the daughter of Sri Periazhwar, in Srivilliputhur in order to glorify this great devotee of the Lord. As Andal, She made mention of Her father as “Bhattarpiraan” and refered to Herself as the Kodhai of Bhattarpiraan (Thiruppaavai 30th paasuram “bhattarpiraan kodhai sonna sangathamizh maalai…” Let us remember Sri Periazhwar on this special day, and attain his blessings to have nitya kainkaryam to Sri Krishna and Thirukodhai…


gurumukhamanadhItya prAha vedAnasheShaAn

narapatiparikluptam shulkamAdAtukAma:

svashuramamaravandyam ranganAthasya sAkshAt

dvijakulatilakam tam viShNuchittam namAmi

I salute that Periazhwar, who won the prize of a purse of gold coins established by King Vallabhadeva, without having formal training from an acharya, established the Supremacy of Sriman Narayana in the Vedas, who is worthy of worship by the devas, who is the direct father-in-law of Lord Ranganatha Himself, and who is the ornament of all Brahmanas! (Thaniyan by Srimath Nathamunigal)

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