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Thiruvarangam is the Tamil name for Sri Rangam, the famous south Indian temple city dedicated to Lord Ranganatha. I recently came across a beautiful website run by an enterprising young devotee of Lord Ranganatha – Mr. N. Santhanakrishnan. The website is informative, and has a beautiful gallery with pictures of the various utsavams of at the “Kovil.” In addition to this, the website has an exciting feature ( where one can see short video clips, and high resolution pictures of Sri Namperumal, and other deities related to this sacred kshetram (including the deities at Woraiyur, and Thiruvellarai).

Mr. Santhanakrishnan is currently seeking financial support for his website, especially for improving bandwidth, and download capacity. He also needs a new camera to take better pictures of the various utsavams featured regularly on his website.


So now to my main point, please consider supporting this wonderful website! I confess that I’m not one for sales pitches (this is actually the first one on my blog!). For those who live abroad, a little foreign currency goes a long way in India. Please join me in supporting and encouraging a young devotee of Sri Ranganatha, a kainkaryam that would certainly please Him…

If you’ve been totally sold on this, my very first sales pitch, please visit or email Mr. Santhanakrishnan at n_santhanakrishnan(at)


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