4 Krsna?

Inspiration can come in all forms… a beautiful scenery… a kind word… a thoughtful gesture by a stranger (or an email response!)…a pastime of Lord Krishna’s that one hasn’t encountered before. I often wonder if I find these things so moving, imagine how kind Lord Krishna Himself must be! My past experiences in devotional service aside, I hope to be inspired in whatever way Perumal chooses. He loves me! I wonder why hasn’t anyone told me this for so many years?

So this blog is my attempt at sharing my love for Lord Krishna, and the large collection of devotional pictures I have collected over the years. I hope it will be as interesting and inspiring to readers, as it is to me…

In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says “Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of My splendor.” BG 10.41. So everything beautiful in this world and beyond stems originally from Lord Krishna…


13 responses to “4 Krsna?

  1. Sujatha Anandan


    Awesome Blog! I will visit whenever Ican.
    There could not be any other place where Krishna writes about Shri Krishna!


  2. thank you for linking my blog!

  3. Hare Krishna,

    Thanks for adding my blog to your blogroll. I guess I can make a small suggestion about your blog – Your blog is content heavy & takes some time to load. I suggest scaling down the size of the images.

    Ramanuja Dasan.

  4. Radha Damodar das

    Thank you for wonderful website…..Photos in BMP format and eexclusive photos make your website very very special. I think you should not compromise on size of the photo as we just love your website because of its content. Thank you very very much for nice website.

  5. RajMan

    Harey Krishna!

    Dear Prabhuji – Thanks for this wonderful blog and sharing glories of both Vaishnava sampradayas, which makes this a unique site. If you live around Northern Virignia area, please email me with your contact info.

    Adiyen Ramanuja Dasan

  6. PAMHO

    Nice blog prabhu.. and good to be able to get back in touch.. Wats news on your side. Im on vacation in Balaramdesh again…

    Apurva Gopal das

  7. Venkatesh Perumal

    Hello Sir,

    I was introduced to this website by Venkatesh Raghavan, it is a great website with loads of information. Since the day i started reading this website, i haven’t closed my browser window. Thanks a lot for the daily Thiruppavai pasurams and its video. To listen and understand the pasurams is a rare gift that we have got due to your hard work.

  8. Shruthi Srinivasan

    Hare Krishna

    Your Blog is very nice i regularly visit it..
    The photos are too good

    Shruthi Srinivasan

  9. Rekha Prahalad

    I am a regular at Hindu Devotional Blog and was reading some of the comments and out of curiosity clicked your site and wow! it is feast to the eyes. and your blogroll includes so many unknown/unimagined sites which I have not visited so far. I have added your site to my blogroll too!

    Jai shri krishna

    • SrI:

      What is your blog’s address, so I can add it to my blogroll… Thanks for visiting my blog, and the kind compliments.


      • the pictorial presentation is excellent.Numbers are appaering in photos which there are more in this presentation. i tried in picasaweb, couldn’t locate similar to view the complete biography of sri ramanujar. If you have, please share with me.Can i use the pictures to share with my group or in my photo site. Rgs, Veeraraghavan, Mumbai

  10. Dandavats Prabhuji!!!

    Very nice blog prabhu.

  11. Radha Damodar das

    Hare Krishna Prabhu,

    One of the most beautiful website I know. Wonderful blog with lots of info. Please do not close it. Coming to Chennai in NOV thought to visit you…could you drop few lines at my email address so that I have yours and we will take it from there. I think we have similar test and youthful ideas we can gel well.

    Your servant,
    Radha Damodar das

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