Its been a while…


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I apologize for the huge gap in posts. “Life happens” as they say… and so it did.

Out of curiosity, I took a look at the blog’s stats recently. Much to my surprize, there have been a steady stream of readers to the website. This encouraged me to not abandon the blog altogether. So, I will try to begin posting again, with some frequency in a month’s time.

Picture 2

Hope all my readers had a wonderful Navarathri, Vijayadasami, and Swami Vedantha Desikan Thirunakshatram. Keep visiting this site, and you might be surprized by a new post soon!



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2 responses to “Its been a while…

  1. RajMan


    Thanks for resuming posting here. This is a quality blog with great pictures and useful information. So, please continue posting as regularly as possible.

    -ramanuja dasan

  2. Swami,

    Please do continue posting. The stats are a little pointer to the Quality content in your blog.


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