Sri Kainkarya

DSC00799Sri Devanatha Perumal with Consorts, Thiruvaheendrapuram

I recently came across this website (, and was quite inspired by its contents…

The website is run by a devotee by the name of Sri D. Soundararajan. Also known as Thiruvaheendrapuram Urupattur Chakravarthi Soundararajan is the founder and executor of Sri Kainkarya. He is the native of Thiruvaheendrapuram. His forefathers were doing services to Lord Devanatha and His Consorts and also to Acharya Swami Desikan by way of Veda parayanams etc. He was a state level Class I officer of Tamilnadu Government. He served as Managing Director, Coop Spinning Mills Dharapuram, District Revenue Officer and Additional District Magistrate, Ramanathapuram, Dy. Commissioner Civil Supplies, Madras, and Joint Director of Stationery & Printing, Madras. He headed the Tribunal for Disciplinary proceedings of Tamilnadu Govt Officers before his retirement.

He helped fundraise for the construction of steps, and the mahamandapam at Oushadagiri, the site of Sri Hayagriva’s temple in Thiruvaheendrapuram. From my understanding, he is still active in fund raising efforts for other devotional causes. Please take a look at his website, and contribute to a good cause…


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