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So I’m clearing out… after a very long time. I realized I have many precious books, and other items that deserve more enthusiastic owners! I have listed these on eBay. Of note, I cannot ship internationally (United States only), and I only accept PayPal as a form of payment. I feel bad for making a sales pitch on this blog, but I couldn’t figure out a better way to get the word out!

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Sri Kainkarya

DSC00799Sri Devanatha Perumal with Consorts, Thiruvaheendrapuram

I recently came across this website (, and was quite inspired by its contents…

The website is run by a devotee by the name of Sri D. Soundararajan. Also known as Thiruvaheendrapuram Urupattur Chakravarthi Soundararajan is the founder and executor of Sri Kainkarya. He is the native of Thiruvaheendrapuram. His forefathers were doing services to Lord Devanatha and His Consorts and also to Acharya Swami Desikan by way of Veda parayanams etc. He was a state level Class I officer of Tamilnadu Government. He served as Managing Director, Coop Spinning Mills Dharapuram, District Revenue Officer and Additional District Magistrate, Ramanathapuram, Dy. Commissioner Civil Supplies, Madras, and Joint Director of Stationery & Printing, Madras. He headed the Tribunal for Disciplinary proceedings of Tamilnadu Govt Officers before his retirement.

He helped fundraise for the construction of steps, and the mahamandapam at Oushadagiri, the site of Sri Hayagriva’s temple in Thiruvaheendrapuram. From my understanding, he is still active in fund raising efforts for other devotional causes. Please take a look at his website, and contribute to a good cause…

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Its been a while…


So it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog. I apologize for the huge gap in posts. “Life happens” as they say… and so it did.

Out of curiosity, I took a look at the blog’s stats recently. Much to my surprize, there have been a steady stream of readers to the website. This encouraged me to not abandon the blog altogether. So, I will try to begin posting again, with some frequency in a month’s time.

Picture 2

Hope all my readers had a wonderful Navarathri, Vijayadasami, and Swami Vedantha Desikan Thirunakshatram. Keep visiting this site, and you might be surprized by a new post soon!


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Sri Periazhwar…


Today is Ani Swathi… the thiruavatara dinam of Sri Periazhwar. Of all the Azhwars, two are prominent simply by their names… Swami Nammazhwar (“Our Azhwar”) and Sri Periazhwar (“The Great Azhwar”).  Sri Mahalakshmi incarnated as the daughter of Sri Periazhwar, in Srivilliputhur in order to glorify this great devotee of the Lord. As Andal, She made mention of Her father as “Bhattarpiraan” and refered to Herself as the Kodhai of Bhattarpiraan (Thiruppaavai 30th paasuram “bhattarpiraan kodhai sonna sangathamizh maalai…” Let us remember Sri Periazhwar on this special day, and attain his blessings to have nitya kainkaryam to Sri Krishna and Thirukodhai…


gurumukhamanadhItya prAha vedAnasheShaAn

narapatiparikluptam shulkamAdAtukAma:

svashuramamaravandyam ranganAthasya sAkshAt

dvijakulatilakam tam viShNuchittam namAmi

I salute that Periazhwar, who won the prize of a purse of gold coins established by King Vallabhadeva, without having formal training from an acharya, established the Supremacy of Sriman Narayana in the Vedas, who is worthy of worship by the devas, who is the direct father-in-law of Lord Ranganatha Himself, and who is the ornament of all Brahmanas! (Thaniyan by Srimath Nathamunigal)

Note: Photos courtesy of

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Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha…

So recently, I haven’t posted any pictures of Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha, the beautiful presiding deities of Boston’s ISKCON temple. I recently went through my (huge) collection of pictures of Them, and created a Picasa gallery. If you’d like to take a look at some beautiful pictures of these very special deities, please click the link at the end of this post…








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Sri Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam…

Picture 1

I recently came across a website for this beautiful temple – Sri Vedanta Desikar Devasthanam, in Mylapore. The temple is a few hundred years old, originally enshrining only Swami Desikan and Sri Lakshmi Hayagrivar’s archa vigrahas. In 1924, Sri Kasturi Iyengar built sannidhis for Sri Srinivasa Perumal and Padmavathi Thayar. The temple now also has sannidhis for Sri Ramar, Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhar, Sri Andal, Chakkrathazhwar, Sri Bhashyakarar, and Pey Alwar (Mylapore is his avatara sthalam)…


The website ( is updated regularly, and has gorgeous pictures of the deities, various utsavams, and even video clips. Below is an intense video clip of the thottti thirumanjanam of Sri Srinivasa Perumal, and His consorts, Sri and Bhu devis (click the link)

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Picture 1

Thiruvarangam is the Tamil name for Sri Rangam, the famous south Indian temple city dedicated to Lord Ranganatha. I recently came across a beautiful website run by an enterprising young devotee of Lord Ranganatha – Mr. N. Santhanakrishnan. The website is informative, and has a beautiful gallery with pictures of the various utsavams of at the “Kovil.” In addition to this, the website has an exciting feature ( where one can see short video clips, and high resolution pictures of Sri Namperumal, and other deities related to this sacred kshetram (including the deities at Woraiyur, and Thiruvellarai).

Mr. Santhanakrishnan is currently seeking financial support for his website, especially for improving bandwidth, and download capacity. He also needs a new camera to take better pictures of the various utsavams featured regularly on his website.


So now to my main point, please consider supporting this wonderful website! I confess that I’m not one for sales pitches (this is actually the first one on my blog!). For those who live abroad, a little foreign currency goes a long way in India. Please join me in supporting and encouraging a young devotee of Sri Ranganatha, a kainkaryam that would certainly please Him…

If you’ve been totally sold on this, my very first sales pitch, please visit or email Mr. Santhanakrishnan at n_santhanakrishnan(at)

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