Day 24: Worship the feet that measured this world!


Sri Kallazhagar, Madurai

Translation of Paasuram #24 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

Slowly and gradually, the young gopis could find Lord KrishNA

(1) sleeping
(2)getting up and
(3) walking towards them .

In the meanwhile, when He walks, they perform mangaLAsAsanam for His ThiruvadigaL: “Earlier– on that day (long ago) You measured this Universe (with this pair of feet); (now we hail) protection and glory to such a pair of Your feet. Earlier (long ago), You went there to LankA in the Southern region and killed RaavaNA , the aparAdhi; (we proclaim) protection and glory to Your enormous vanquishing power. You gave a kick to sakatAsurA ( the asuran, who came in the form of a cart to crush You) and You destroyed Him with Your Thiruvadi; (we hail) glory and safety to Your fame. (Bending Your feet in stiff posture) You threw the calf (vathsAsuran) like a fierce rock-like stick against another demon (KappittAsuran), who had taken the form of a wood-apple tree , so that both of them were kiled simultaneously; (we hail) glory and safety to Your victorious anklet and feet (that performed this miracle). You have lifted aloft the GovardhanA mountain just as an umbrella; (we sing) hail and safety to Your pristine merits and grace. You hold  in Your hand, a powerful spear that completely subjugates and eradicates Your enemies; (we sing)” hail and glory to that spear in Your hand ” –thus , indeed , do we hail and sing Your miraculous deeds , valour and auspicious ThiruvadikaL. We have come to Your side today now to offer our prayers and to seek the drum (paRai) from You , So Please be compassionate to us , who seek eternal Kaimkaryam to You.

The essence according Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“This paasuram entreats us to reflect on the many sufferings that the Lord underwent in His various avatarams, such as reducing Himself to the status of a beseecher of favors while asking for a gift of three steps of land as Vamana, losing His kingdom, when born as the son of Dasaratha, roaming in wild forests, surviving on roots, fruits and tubers and being born as the offspring of a pillar in Hiranyakashipu’s court, which had no name, kulam or gothram during Nrisimhavataram. We should reflect with gratitude and sing His praise over the sufferings He went through to protect His bhakthas and destroy unrighteousness.”


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