Day 23: The lion emerges from its cave…


Sri Malolan, Sri Ahobila Mutt

Translation of Paasuram #23 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

In the words of the young girls , ANDAL describes how the Lord should majestically come out of His chamber). Just as the majestic lion ( Seeriya Singam) crouching in sleep inside the mountain-cave during the rainy season , on becoming awake , opens its fire-emitting eyes, (looks all around as the King of beasts), sizes vigorously the locks of hairs of its fragrant manes standing erect, shakes itself up , gets up majestically, comes out of the cave with a loud roar (simha Naatham), even so, may you, the Lord of enchanting bluish hue of KaayAmpoo flower , emerge from your holy shrine (aasthAnam) and come out this way -blessing us by the darsana-soubhAgyam of Your gait –and be seated on the perfectly suited and well-deserving throne; and then, may you kindly look into the aim and purpose of our coming here (and awakening you). {Note: This paasuram is believed to be in praise of Sri Nrisimhaavataram.}

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“During festivals, we should enjoy the majestic gait of the Lord as He is taken in procession, offering us the beauty of His darshanam, surrounded by His servitors fanning Him and offering service from all directions.”


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