Sri Namperumal and His consorts…


Sri Namperumal with Ubhaya Nachimars

Sri Rama Navami is celebrated in Chithirai suklapaksha navami. On this day Namperumal, goes for a serthi (serthi is when the utsava murthies of Perumal and His consort give darshan together) with Cherakulavalli Nachiyaar. Kulasekhara Perumal had a daughter named Cherakulavalli, and he gave her hand in marriage to NamperumaL, just as Periyalwar did for AndaL. On Sri Rama Navami, Namperumal comes to Arjunamandapam, and performs serthi with Cherakulavalli Nacchiyar. The araiyar swami recites paasurams from the Perumal Thirumozhi, authored by Kulasekhara Perumal himself. This is the only day one can have the darsan of Cherakulavalli Nachiyaar…


Sri Namperumal with Sri Cherakulavalli Nachiyaar

In Srirangam one can witness four serthis with five different thayaars. Namperumal is always in serthi with the ubhaya nacchimars – Sri and Bhu devis. During the month of Panguni, in the nakshatra of Ayilyam, Namperumal performs serthi with Kamalavalli Nachiyaar of Thiruuraiyur.


Sri Namperumal with Sri Kamalavalli Nachiyaar, Thiruuraiyur

On Panguni Uthiram, the famous, serthi of Periyapirattiyar (Sri Ranganayaki) with Namperumal is celebrated. This day is regarded as occasion when Sri Mahalakshmi appeared from the ocean of milk (ksheerabdhi), and chose Sriman Narayana as Her consort. The day is thus both Her birthday, and wedding day. Sri Ramanujar composed the Gadyatrayam consisting of the Sri Ranga Gadyam, the Vaikunta gadyam, and the Saranagati gadyam. Reciting these three gadyams, he performed saranagati to Perumal and Thayaar in serthi, on this day, in Sri Rangam…


Sri Namperumal with Sri Ranganayaki on Panguni Utthiram

Panguni utthiram is also the occasion of Goddess Sita’s wedding to Lord Rama. Srivilliputhur’s Goddess Andal weds Lord Rangamannar on this day also. Goddess Andal married Lord Krishna in Her dream, narrated in the famous paasuram “Vaaranam Ayiram”…


Sri Andal Rangamannar, Srivilliputhur

Although Andal married Krishna in Her dream, She was united with Lord Ranganatha in Sri Rangam, the prathinidhi murthi for Lord Krishna who appeared in the previous yuga. {Even today, Lord Ranganatha’s moola vigraha is considered to be Lord Krishna, and the utsavar, Sri Namperumal to be Lord Ramachandra…}


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