Swami Ramanuja in 3 places…


Birthplace of Swami Ramanuja, Sri Perumbudur

Although many sacred places associated with Swami Ramanuja exist, three are particularly special. Azhwar Thirunagari where the deity of Swami Ramanuja was installed prior to his incarnation; Sri Perumbudur, where he incarnated, and Thirunarayanapuram where Swami spent many years establishing temples in the area (having escaped from Kulothunga Cholan).

The above is a short video with the thaniyan (dhyana slokam) for Swami Ramanuja. The sloka is as follows:


Sri Bhavishyadacharyan (Swami Ramanuja at Sri Azhwar Thirunagari)

yOnithyamachyutha padAmbuja yugmarukma

vyAmOhathas thaditharAnI thrunAya mEnay

asmad gurOrbhagavatOsya dayaika sindhOho

rAmAnujasya charanAU saranam prapadyE

“I surrender to that divine Sri Ramanuja, our guru, an ocean
of mercy, who in his intense attachment to the two feet of
Lord Achyuta considered all else as worthless as grass”

P.S: I re-posted yesterday’s post on Swami Ramanuja’s biography, and the pictures now are temple paintings illustrating the entire narrative. If you read the post, skim it again to see the new pictures…


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  1. Kingson Mercy Erekosima

    Plaese I want to be a student, an initiat and an adept in your spiritual organisation.
    Thanks for your understanding.

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