Sri Govindaraja Perumal

This gorgeous divyadesam is located in Chidambaram, in the precincts of the famous Nataraja temple. Much conflict has occurred because of the age old fighting between Saivas and Vaishnavas.  The famous Chola King, Kulothunga Cholan II (also known as “Krimi kanda Cholan” because it is said that he died suffering of many diseases) is believed to have thrown the main deity of Lord Govindaraja Perumal into the Bay of Bengal. Sri Ramanuja is believed to have rescued the deity.


Sri Pundarikavalli Thayaar

Some sources say that the deity was re-established at the original location in Chidambaram at much protest from the Dikshitars of the Nataraja temple. Other sources say that this deity was established in Tirumala, giving darshan at the present day Govindarajar Sannidhi…

Inspiring this post was a short video clip of this divyadesam that aired on Jaya TV, and posted on YouTube. Both Thirumangai and Kulasekhara Azhwars have sung the praises of Perumal at this sacred place. The name “Chitrakoodam” sounds a lot like “Chitrakoot” where Lord Rama’s pastimes took place in North India. Presumably, the Azhwars praise the Lord here as being equivalent to Lord Ramachandra. Sri Kulasekhara Perumal’s paasurams on this Perumal are considered equivalent to hearing the complete rendition of the Ramayanam…

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  1. Narayana

    Thirumangai Mannan Thiruvadigale Saranam. Kulasekhara Perumal Thiruvadigale Saranam.

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