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Tomorrow is the avatara dinam of Sri Mannakkal Nambi. Sri Mannakkal Nambi’s original name was Rama Misrar. He is the amsam of Kumudan, one of the nityasuris in Paramapadam. He was born in Anbil, near Trichy in the year 832CE, on the Magam nakshatra of the month of Masi. The year of his birth is variously placed by scholars: 832 AD; 870AD; 876 AD. But, all are agreed that he was born in the year Virodhi, in the month of Masi in the constellation of Magam.

He rendered personal Service to his Acharya i.e. Uyyakkondar including preparation of food. His devotion to his Guru is unbelievable. Once the two daughters of Uyyakkondar had to cross over mud on the way back to their home after bath in the river. They hesitated to step down in the mud fearing they will get dirty. Sri Rama Misrar without hesitation laid down on the mud and asked the girls to walk over on his back. Since the sand at the feet of his Guru’s daughters were on his body, he was called “Manal Kaal Nambi”. He took sanyasam and he was instrumental in guiding Alavandar to became a sanyasi to propagate one Sampradhayam. He is considered as fourth Rama, after Parasurama, Rama and Balarama.


Sri Nathamuni and Sri Yamuna Muni at Kattumannar Kovil

The credit for transforming Yamunai thuraivan into Yamuna Muni (Sri Alavandar) goes to him. For 12 years, he rendered personal service to his Acharya, Uyyakkondar and after the demise of Uyyakkondars wife, he took over the culinary duties and cooked food for his Acharya.

Embar describes that Nammalwar drank of the ocean of mercy of the Lord Narayana and rained it through Natha muni and that Pundarikaksha was like the fountain spring that let the stream reach Alavandar. Pundarikaksha learned the holy collects and Yoga Rahasya from Natha Muni and passed them on to Alavandar.


Sri Vedanta Desikan, Thiruvahindrapuram

He does not seem to have written any work. But, citations of his teachings are found in the works of other Acharyas. Swami Desikan quotes his teachings in Nyaya Parisuddhi. So, he is known as “Yathaartha Khyaadhi” Swami Desika in Sloka 7 of his Yatiraja Saptadhi praises Manakkal Nambi as follows:

Anujjitha Kshamaa Yogam Apunya Jana Bhaadakam |
Asprushta Madha Raagam Thum Raamam Turiyam Upaasmahe ||

“The one who learned through UpadEsam all the Sastaraarthas from Uyyakonddar was Manakkal Nambi. There were only three Ramas before. Here comes the fourth Rama. The defects noticeable in the other 3 Ramas were totally absent in this 4th Rama.”


Sri Dasavataram

Parasurama had no patience. Out of jealousy, he fought with ‘Chakravarthi Tirumagan’. With an uncontrollable rage, he embarked on destroying the entire Kshatriya race. But, Manakkal Nambi never lost his composure and kept his senses under absolute control. Dasaratha Rama destroyed the Rakshasas, otherwise known as ‘Punya Jana’. But, Manakkal Nambi never harmed anyone but always did all the good he could to Sadhus who are also known as ‘Punya Jana’ Balarama became reddish in color by excessive attachment. Manakkal Nambi never exhibited any pride or prejudice or any excessive attachment to anything worldly…{Note: This is more of a glorification of Sri Mannakkal Nambigal, than it is a criticism of Perumal’s avatarams}


Sri Uyyakondar, Azhwar Thirnagari

Gajaananar is a nityasuri in Sri Vaikuntham who is an assistant of Vishwaksenar along with Kumudan, KumudAkshar and Harivaktrar. Gajaananar took avataaram as Nathamuni. Kumudan took avataaram as Uyyakondar. Kumudaakshar took avataaram as Manakaal Nambi and Harivakktrar took avataaram as Yamunacharya

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