So what’s in “Sri”?


Sri Aravamudhan in Mohini Thirukolam

The prefix “Sri” is used as a prefix in both religious and mundane addresses. The word Sri foremost denotes the Goddess of Fortune, Sri Mahalakshmi, or Sri devi. She appears from the churning of the ocean of milk, and She is the eternal consort of Lord Narayana. She represents all that is auspicious, beautiful, and desirable (hence wealth of all types, material and spiritual).


Since the wordle for my blog showed the most used word as being “Sri,” I felt it fitting to post on the six meaning of “Sri.” They are as follows…


Perumal and Thayaar, Thiruchitrakoodam

1. shriyathE – One who is sought after by all

2. shrayathE – She grants refuge to all who seek her

3. shruNOthi – She hears the appeal of those who seek her (the conditioned living entities)

4. shrAvayathi – She conveys the appeal to her consort, Lord Narayana

5.  shrNAthi – She destroys the impediments of the conditioned living entities that preclude their attainment of Lord Narayana

6. shrINAthi – She confers lasting wealth

So if you thought Sri Mahalakshmi was only for money, think again!


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