Thada utsavam…


So with the completion of the Thiruppaavai, and the commencement of the Tamil month of Thai, everyone seems charged with the blessings and devotion of Goddess Andal, and Her love for Lord Krsna. The following is a short video clip of the Thada utsavam at Sri Ahobila Mutt, in Chembur, Mumbai.

The Thada utsavam is celebrated to commemorate Sri Ramanuja’s fulfillment of Sri Andal’s desire to offer the Lord of Thirumalirumcholai, Sri Kallazhagar 100 thadas (vessels) of akaravadisal (sweet rice preparation), and 100 thadas of ghee. In remembrance of this event, devotees prepare and offer the Lord akaravadisal in 108 vessels, to please Him, by fulfilling Andal’s wishes. Just as a mother’s actions are to guide her children, even Sri Andal’s desires allow the devotees to render pleasing service to Lord Krsna. May we succeed in pleasing Sri Sri Godha Rangamannar, the 5th purushartha (goal of life)!

Thada Utsavam, Sri Ahobila Mutt, Chembur


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