Rukmini meets Radha…


Sri Radha

According to the Garga Samhita, Sri Radha sojourned with the gopis to Siddhashrama, located in present day Bihar. The area known as Siddhashrama was the site of Vishwamitra’s yajnas. It is believed that any ritualistic activity, or austerity is sure to bear the desired fruit if conducted in this sacred place.

Surrounded by Her gopi friends, Sri Radha gazed upon Lord Krsna after years of separation. With tears in Her eyes, she offered Him Her obeisances, and with folded hands, She circumambulated Him. Being also in the presence of His queens, Sri Radha offered them Her respects. Sri Rukmini, the foremost of Lord Krsna’s exalted queens then addressed Sri Radha:

“Oh Radha! Oh daughter of King Vrshabhanu, you are fortunate! Lord Krsna is conquered by your love. He is under your control. The three worlds glorify Lord Krsna, but He glorifies you!”



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One response to “Rukmini meets Radha…

  1. Venkatesh Perumal

    Hi Krishna,

    It is as if the story stopped in middle. I can understand that the statement between Sri Rukmini and Sri Radha says it all – But it also makes us want for more.

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