Day 30: The Lord who churned the milk ocean…


Sri Vaikuntanathan, Sri Vaikunta Vinnagaram

Translation of Paasuram #30 by M.K. Srinivasan:

Just like the gopikas (sEy izhaiyaar), with moon (thingaL) like beauty (thirumugaththu), obtained salvation, by surrendering (senRu iRainchi) to the Lord, who churned (kadaindha) the ocean (vangak kadal) of milk, Sri Andal (kodhai) wearing fresh (pai) lotus flowers (kamalam), who was born in beautiful (aNi) Sri Villiputhoor (pudhuvai), as the daughter of the Brahmin priest (bhattar piraan) Peria aazhwaar, presents this. Those who recite (ingu ipparisuraippar) these thirty (muppadhum) literary (sangath) Tamil (thamizh) garlands (maalai), daily without fail (thappaamE), will obtain the grace (thiruvaruL) and derive pleasures (inbuRuvar) from God (thirumaal), who has beautiful (sen) eyes (kaN) and shoulders (thOL) which can stretch (varai) between two pairs (eerirandu) of mountains (maal), who is accompanied by the beautiful (thirumugaththu) Laxmi (chelva).

The essence of Paasuram #29 according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

This paasuram is the last one in the Thiruppaavai. It concludes that the Thiruppaavai is the foremost avatharam of the Lord, and Sri Andal is the mother of this avatharam. Those who offer their homage to this avatharam everyday will be blessed and protected by Sriman Narayana both here in His leela vibhuti, and hereafter in His nitya vibhuti.


{This concludes the 30 day series of Andal’s Thiruppaavai. I can’t believe I managed to post each paasuram for the entire month! My heartfelt obeisances to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar who spoke on the essence of each of these jewel-like paasurams. My sincere thanks to Mahesh of whose video clips of the Thiruppaavai made a daily appearance on this blog. I would like to thank Dr. V.K.N.S Raghavan, and M.K. Srinivasan whose translations I used for these posts. For all the wonderful pictures from the deities in Srivilliputhur, I would like to thank the owner of the Arulalperumal Picasa web album, and also the website. Last but not least, a sincere thanks to the readers who kept up with this blog, reading each post, and inspiring me to continue!}

Sri Andal thiruvadigale saranam!


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