Day 29: Praising your golden lotus feet…


Sri Perumal Thiruvadi

Translation of Paasuram #29 by M.K. Srinivasan:

Govindha!, Listen (kELaay) to the reason (poruL) for our coming (vandhu) and worshipping (sEviththu) you and praising (pOtrum) your golden lotus (pon thaamarai) feet (adi) at such an early hour (sitram siRu kaalE). You (nee), who were born (piRandhu) in the community of people (kulaththil), who eat (uNNum) by rearing (mEyththu) cattle (petram), should not go away (pOgaadhu) refusing our (engaLai) offerings (kutru Eval). Look (kaaN), we are not (anRu) desiring your grace (paRai koLvaan) just for today (itrai). Forever (etraikkum), for sevens (Ezh Ezh) of births (piRavikkum), we will be (aavOm) in peace (utrOmE) with you (un thannOdu). We (naam) will let ourselves be ruled (aatcheyvOm) by you (unakkE). Please remove (maatru) our (nam) other (matrai) desires (kaamangaL).

The essence of Paasuram #29 according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

Just like the gopikas (sEy izhaiyaar), with moon (thingaL) like beauty (thirumugaththu), obtained salvation, by surrendering (senRu iRainchi) to the Lord, who churned (kadaindha) the ocean (vangak kadal) of milk, Sri Andal (kodhai) wearing fresh (pai) lotus flowers (kamalam), who was born in beautiful (aNi) Sri Villiputhoor (pudhuvai), as the daughter of the Brahmin priest (bhattar piraan) Peria aazhwaar, presents this. Those who recite (ingu ipparisuraippar) these thirty (muppadhum) literary (sangath) Tamil (thamizh) garlands (maalai), daily without fail (thappaamE), will obtain the grace (thiruvaruL) and derive pleasures (inbuRuvar) from God (thirumaal), who has beautiful (sen) eyes (kaN) and shoulders (thOL) which can stretch (varai) between two pairs (eerirandu) of mountains (maal), who is accompanied by the beautiful (thirumugaththu) Laxmi (chelva).


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