Day 28: Following the cows…


Sri Rajagopalaswamy, Mannargudi

Translation of Paasuram #28 by M.K. Srinivasan:

Following (pin senRu) the cows (kaRavai), after reaching (sErndhu) the forest (kaanam or kaanagam), we will eat (uNbOm). We, of the cowherd community (aay kulam) without (illaadha) any (onRum) enlightenment (aRivu); what good deeds (puNNiyam) do we (yaam) claim to our credit (udaiyOm) for having (peRundhanai) you (undhannai) born (piRavi) in our community? If we have no relation to you (uRavEl), we (namakku) will not be able (ozhiyaadhu) to bear (ozhikka) it here (ingu). We, the innocent (aRiyaadha) children (piLLai) call (azhai) you (unnai) using your short (siRu) names (pEr) out of affection (anbinaal). Please do not be angry (seeRi aruLaadhE). Oh Lord (iRaivaa)! Please give us (thaaraay) your word (paRai).

The essence of Paasuram #28 according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

This paasuram reveals that all of us, whether we differ in caste, are theists or atheists, scholars or simple-folk, Hindus, Muslims, Christians, or Sri Vaishnavas, are all daasa bhutas or the property of Sriman Narayana. Even if we wish to discard Him or He wishes to discard us, this relationship can never be cut asunder. One who understands this cardinal and unbreakable relationship will be blessed to enjoy all auspiciousness.


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