Day 27: All victorious Govinda!


Sri Parthasarathy Perumal in Paramapada thirukolam

Today’s paasuram “Koodaarai vellum seer Govinda” is a special one. Andal sang the Nachiyaar Thirumozhi in the month of Thai, which follows the month of Margazhi. In Her Nachiyar Thirumozhi, Andal expressed a wish to offer Sri Kallazhagar of Thirumalirumcholai 100 measures of butter, and another 100 of akaravadisal (a sweet preparation made with rice, milk, ghee, nuts, and select spices). Sri Ramanujar offered the Lord of Thirumalirumcholai these preparations on behalf of Andal. Pleased that Her vow was fulfilled, Andal’s deity came out of the sanctum sanctorum in Srivilliputhur when Sri Ramanujar visited this famous shrine. To this day, Andal remains with Her consort Rangamannar, receiving worship in the very spot She Herself moved to!


Akaravadisal prepared by Maheshwari of

Acharyas have commented that this paasuram represents a wedding feast, or also a feast following ekadashi (the previous paasuram “Maale! Manivanna!” represents the austerities of ekadashi). The paasuram has vivid mention of jewels, fine clothing, and eating rice cooked in milk with jaggery, with ghee that drips down to one’s elbows as one partakes of the feast! This feast is not mere rice, milk, jaggery, and ghee, but the devotees of the Lord feasting on the auspicious qualities of the Lord (His kalyana gunas)…

Translation of Paasuram #27 by M.K. Srinivasan:

Great (seer from siRandha) Govinda (gOvindhaa) who wins (vellum) against the enemies (koodaarai)! If you ask us what gift (sammaanam) we (yaam) want to obtain (peRum) for singing (paadi) about you (undhanai) and chanting your names in public (paRai kondu); We (yaam) will wear (aNivOm) jewels worthy (parisinaal) of being praised (pugazhum) by the whole country (naadu), bracelet (choodagam), shoulder (thOL) oranaments (vaLai), earrings (thOdu), ear ‘maattal’ (sevip poo), anklets (paadagam), and many (pala) other (anaiya) ornaments (kalan) like (enRu) those. We will dress up (uduppOm) with beautiful clothes (aadai). There (adhan) afterwards (pinnE) all of us together (koodi irundhu) will enjoy (kuLirndhElOr) the milk (paal) and rice (chORu) covered (mooda) and dripping (peydhu) in Ghee (ney) flowing (vazhivaara) down to our elbows (muzhangai). (This refers to kaNNamudhu or paayasam).

The essence of Paasuram #27 according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

This paasuram asserts that we can get Bhagavan’s anugraham only by gaining shastric knowledge at the feet of one’s acharya by performing anushtaanams, and manthropadesams as taught by him.


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