Day 19: Rows of flickering lamps…


Sri Ennai Petra Thayaar, Thiruninravoor

Translation of Paasuram #19 by Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan:

(Now the young gOpis try to wake up the divya dampathis, Nappinnai PirAtti and Lord KrishNA). As the cluster of lamps are glowing by your side, Oh Lord KrishNA, you are lying on the very soft (silky ) bed made of ivory, with Your  broad chest resting on the bosom of Sri Nappinnai, who  is adorned with blossome d bunches of flowers on Her tresses. (KrishNA ! Even if You are unable to get up) may you,  at least open your mouth. (Now turning to Nappinnai)  Oh young lady with black and wide eyes (adorned with collyrium)! We think that you won’t allow your Lord to wake up from sleep even if it is late (or at any time); that is because you can not bear the separation from Him  even for a shortwhile. However, Oh young lady, neither is it just on your part (to keep the Lord only for Yourself), nor does it befit your unbounded mercy !

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“We must perform our duties with a pure heart during the day, and lie in a clean bed at night, falling asleep meditating on the Lord in a manner of our chosing.”


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