Day 13: Breaking the bird’s beak…


Translation of Paasuram #13 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

(It is portrayed here that the Gopis , performing Paavai nOnbhu awaken another girl, who has earlier had a glimpse of Godly bliss, and who generally keeps aloof, avoiding association with others). All our friends have now reached the designated place for assembly (Paavaik- KaLam pukkAr). They went there singing the praise of our KrishNan, who tore open the mouth of BakAsuran (the demonn , who in the form of a crane, came to assault Him), and who, in His earlier avathAram as RaamA , chopped off the ten heads of the treacherous demon king (RaavaNA) and destroyed him. The Venus has now arisen and the Jupiter has already set. Harken, many birds (have gotten up) and are chirping. Oh Young and beautiful girl with charming eyes resembling a flower and that of a doe! all of us should go to the river and plunge deeply in the water that makes us shiver; instead you are wiling away the time lying on the bed, is this proper? Oh dear girl! it is truly a great day for us. Kindly leave your restraint (and aloofness) and join us freely.

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“We must shake off our laziness, rise before dawn, perform sandhyavandanam as our ordained duty. It reminds us to not wallow in bed after sunrise or at sunset. To escape accumulating sins through such behavior, we should also wake others who may lie in bed due to their own laziness(!).”


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