Day 10: Won’t you reply?


Translation of Paasuram #10 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

” Oh dear girl, who is very much confident of practicing nonbhu (KanyA vratham)and entering heaven (Svargam)!  Is it your custom not to open the doors and not even respond to our calls? (Without getting any reply from her, the Gopis assembled outside her door try to make  her listen to their talk as follows):  If we sing in praise of Lord NarAyaNA (KrishNA, contextually) adorning the fragrant  TuLasi garland on His head, He will surely bless us with the drum for our Vratham. (So, you also wake up and come with us ). Is it that KumbhakarNan-who was,  in days of yore, made to leap to his death by Lord RamachandrA , the embodiment of Dharmam- has ceded his long spell of sleep to you after he was defeated  (by you in a sleeping contest)? O girl overpowered spellbound by sleep! You are however the precious jewel of our group. Hence, kindly (get up) and come to the door with clear mind and open it.”

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“We should not hide from Vaishnavas when they visit our houses out of fear of what requests they may make of us. We should not display miserly qualities to them, or shun them. We should not hide behind locked doors and pretend that we are not at home. When we do not open the  doors of our house to the devotees of the Lord, such a house will slip away from our posession. Hence, we should welcome them, offer them our salutations, and make sure that they are comfortable and happy.”


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