Day 9: The dazzling mansion…


Sri Pranavaakaara Vimanam, Sri Rangam

Translation of Paasuram #9 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

(The cowherd women folk practicing the sthri vratham  (Paavai Nonbhu) awaken another maiden, who has self -complacency in her earnest devotion to the Lord).  Oh the daughter of our uncle! You are taking rest and sleeping on the soft bed, while the lamps are lit  all round the dazzling hall (with inlaid gem stones)of your mansion filled with aroma of the incense. Please (get up) and open the lever-lock of the shining doors (with inlaid gems ) of your chambers.( As the inside  of the chambers is apparent, these gopis could see within the enclosure and so call the aunt, the mistress of the house). Dear Aunt! Could you please awaken your daughter? Is she dumb or deaf or exhausted and tired out? Or has she been cursed with long spell of sleep? (maybe that is the reason for her sleeping without responding to us). To awaken her from this  hypnotic sleep, (let us) recite as a remedy, the numerous names of the Lord as “God of the Supreme magical power  (MahAmAyan), the Lord of Goddess MahA Lakshmi  (Maadhavan) and Vaikuntan (the Lord of Sri Vaikuntam).

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“We should perform worship of the Lord daily, and during those occasions present pure lamps, incense and keep the altar clean and pure.”


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