Day 8: Dawnbreak on the Eastern sky…


Sri Vaduvoor Ramar in Krishna thirukolam

Translation of Paasuram #8 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

Oh beautiful girl full of uthsAham (kuthUhalam ) for the Lord ! Day break is approaching as seen by the whitening of the Eastern sky from the earlier  red hue linked with AruNOdhayam . Awaken! The hungry buffaloes have been led to the pastures close to home  (siRu Veedu mEyvAN) for their “breakfast ” of dewy grass.We have detained the other Gopis , who were  ready to go to the place of vratham so that you can join  with us all .We have assembled in front of your house to awaken you and take you with us . Please get up.  If we sing about our Lord’s glory together , He will give us the vrathOpakaranams (Drum and other saamagriyAs to observe our vratham).When we approach our Lord–who destroyed the asuran Kesi by tearing his mouth apart,
and killed the wrestlers of KamsA’s court–and prostrate before Him in all humility, that Lord (KrishNa), the Lord of all gods ( Devaathi Devan) will be moved and have DayA for us and will inquire about our yOga KshEmam with  great interest (aavA yenRu=haa haa yenRu).

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“The Lord will take pity on us, eliminate our sins, and fulfill our desires when we consider each day auspicious, and worship Him with reverence, joy and affection.”


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