Day 4: Rain! Thunder! Lightening!


Sri Vatapatrasayee Perumal

Translation of Paasuram #4 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

Oh Lord VaruNA who is the presiding deity of ocean, send us bursts of rain! (We pray to you so that) you do not make your gift very small(i.e. be bounteous  towards us). We request you (in the form of clouds) to pour plenty of rains in the world; first you should  get into the womb of the deep seas and take excessive water ( so that even the sea becomes bereft of water), make thunder (uproar), and go high up (in the sky); (the color of ) your body should become as dark as  that of the primordial cause of the world ( Oozhi Mudalvan= Jagath Kaarana BhUthan); you should become resplendent with lightning, just as the dazzling discus (Aazhi=Chakram) held on the hand of Lord PadmanAbha with broad shoulders; you should make a thunderous roar like the conch(Paanchajanyam) held on the hand of the Lord; you should bring forth rains  in abundance without any cessation,–the rains just like the shower of arrows coming forth in succession from the bow (Saarangam) of the Lord.;your rains should be for the good of the world so that the world flourishes ; and ,through your rains , we will have plenty of water and also happily take the ceremonial bath during Maarghazhi month. ( Lord VishNu’s important weapons–discus, conch and bow  are cited here , in a form of invocation as it were; and Lord PadmanAbha is indicated as the JagathkAraNan–  the primordial cause ).

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“If we, with a heart laden with bhakti, immerse ourselves in sankeerthanam of the Lord’s names, all the devatas subordinate to Him will recognize us as servants of their Lord Govinda, and take care of all our needs.”


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