Day 3: He who measured the universes…


Thirukovalur Diya Dampathi

Translation of Paasuram #3 by Dr. V.K.S.N Raghavan:

If we ( who adhere to the Vratam-Paavai nOnbhu) sing in praise of the holy names of the Utthaman , Lord Thrivikraman ( the most benovolent Lord) , who grew to a cosmic form and measured the three worlds in two strides and put His third step on the head of Emperor MahABali , and then if we take the bath (in sacred YamunA) in the name of our Vratham , then there will be three timely showers (of rain) throughout the country and there will be no harm at all (i.e., no drought , nor any famine).The country will be rich and plentiful (because of the copious rains); the fish (kayal) will roam about amidst tall stalks of large red paddy crops (drinking sufficient honey from fallen-pollen and  becoming dazed);the bees with spots (all over their bodies) will fall asleep amidst the petals of KuvaLai-flower ( Blue Lotus/NeelOthpalam )and the great , profusely milk-giving , generous cows will yield milk just while being touched on their stout udder filling up a number of milk-cans very quickly;because of plenty of milk , only skillful people could undertake to milk these cows. Thus , the whole country will be filled with undecaying wealth and prosperity.

The essence according to Sri Mukkur Azhagiyasingar:

“Bhagavan will bless us with progeny, a home, wealth and a sorrow-free existance just as He conferred extraordinary wealth on Indra, if we sing about the glories of Lord Trivikrama who appeared as a dwarf, grew and measured the earth and sky with two steps.”


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