Day 1: Dawning of Margazhi…


Srivilliputhur Sri Andal

Translation of Paasuram #1 by Dr. V.K.S.N. Raghavan:

” It is the good full Moon day of the month of Marghazhi. Oh well ornamented maidens ! Those desirous of taking the bath (in the YamunA ) please come. Oh the prosperous young girls of AaypAdi ( Gokulam) that is rich and grand ( in beauty and wealth) ! Lord NaarAyana will surely yield to us alone the drum (paRai). He is the son of King NandagOpa , of cruel deeds (towards the enemies), and holding a sharp spear in his hand always. He (KrishNa) is the young lion-cub of Queen YasOdhA with very charming eyes. He ( Lord NaarAyaNa) has a dark cloud-like divine complexion ,(lotus like) reddish eyes and (lustrous) face (shining) like the bright Sun and Moon. (This Lord NaarAyaNan alone is the Saviour). (Let us ) resort (to Him) performing the Paavai-Nonbhu and get the benefit of praise from the people of the world. {Oh dear friend , may You recite and learn this, knowing the purport of this hymn}.”

The essence according to H.H. Mukkur Azhagiyasingar (44th Jeeyar of Sri Ahobila Matam):

“Whatever act we perform, we should think of it as an auspicious act that is of service to others, that would gladden the heart of Bhagavan, and be noteworthy of celebration by the entire world.”


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One response to “Day 1: Dawning of Margazhi…

  1. My favorite one of all!

    “kaar mein-ch-chengan kadhir madhiyam pol mukathan”
    Simple beautiful!

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