Margazhi commences…


Sri Andal Rangamannar serthi sevai, Srivilliputhur

So, the sacred month of Margazhi (Margasirsha in Sanskrit) begins tomorrow. This month, when the sun dwells in Sagittarius, is particularly revered in south India. People arise early in the morning, bathe, and worship Lord Vishnu, as this is believed to be especially beneficial for spiritual progress. In the Srimad Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krsna says in verse 10.35 “masanam marga-sirsho ‘ham” “Of months I am Margasirsha.” Srila Prabhupada states in the purport to this verse that this month is a harvest season for south Indians, and naturally, when the harvest is gathered, it is a time for rejoicing in the earth’s bounty, and the Lord’s blessings (much as the Vrajavasis traditionally celebrated their harvests by worshipping Indra, and later Sri Govardhana hill)…

The real meaning of the bountiful harvest is the harvesting of the fruits of bhakti yoga, and the method for this is hidden in the verses of the Thiruppaavai – the 30 Tamil verses rendered by the Alvar Sri Andal. Sri Andal’s appearance has been covered previously in this blog. Being an incarnation of the Lord’s Bhu sakti, She is the very form of mercy to the living entities in this world. Having previously appeared as Bhumi devi in the Lord’s incarnation as Sri Varaha, Bhu devi secured promises for the easy salvation of the living entities. She then descended to show how Lord Krsna could be worshipped simply, making attainment of His lotus feet easy, especially considering the flaws of Kali yuga by offering the Lord poomaalai (flower garlands), and paamaalai (garlands of verses in His praise)… This is nama sankirtana, which is known to be most pleasing to Lord Krsna, and is the best of all religious practices..


By following the paavai nombu (a vrata executed by the gopis to attain Lord Krsna as their husband, commonly called the Katyayani vrata in north India), Sri Andal sang these 30 flawless songs in praise of Lord Krsna, His consort, the path to Their attainment, and the ultimate goal of endless service to the Divine Couple, life after life…

Heart of hearts, I wish I could post the paasuram (verse) of the Thiruppaavai each day of this sacred month, but time may forbid me from doing. I’ll do my best, and hopefully, the mercy of Sri Andal, and Lord Krsna will rain upon us during this most wonderous month…

Sri Andal thiruvadigale caranam!


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  1. My wishes for your effort Swami. I am sure you can post for all the 30 days.

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