Sri Thirumangai Alwar appears…


Sri Thirumangai Alwar

Today is the sacred appearance day of Sri Thirumangai Alwar. This alwar’s exploits are rather vast to enumerate in a tiny blog posting. They include his marrying a Vaishnavi and converting to the faith, serving the Vaishnavas, and even attempting to rob from the Lord Himself in order to feed the Vaishnavas!


Sri Thirumangai Alwar with his wife, Sri Kumudhavalli

His appearance place is Thiruvali Thirunagari in Tamil Nadu. The following is a video of the abhisheka of the deity of Thirumangai Alwar. In the video, the alwar’s worshippable deity referred to as “sindhannaikkini” are placed in a tray with holes, and the water bathing these deities is used to bathe Thirumangai Alwar on this auspicious day…


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