Sri Gita Jayanti


Arjuna was faced with a terrible quandry – to defend himself and his brothers by fighting his own relatives. The thought of taking aim at his loved ones paralyzed Arjuna. With his hands trembling, his bow Gandiva slipped from his hands, and he sunk to the ground not knowing what else to do…

On this day, thousands of years ago, Lord Krsna spoke the Srimad Bhagavad Gita to His dear friend Arjuna. Lord Krsna had assumed the role of a charioteer to help Arjuna. The Lord not only guided Arjuna’s horses, but He gave Arjuna unfailing spiritual advice. The Gita dhyana states that all the upanishads took on the form of a cow. Lord Krsna, the cowherder milked the cow. The calf, Arjuna drank the milk, and the entire universe benefitted…


Thirukurungudi Nambi with consorts

Today is also ekadashi, one that is celebrated in south India as Kaisika ekadashi. The story of Kaisika ekadasi is derived from the 48th chapter of the Varaha Purana. The main incindent is of Nambaduvan being confronted by a Brahma rakshasa. This Rakshasa used to be a Brahmin by the name of Soma-Sharma. He committed some grave mistakes during a yajna and was cursed to become a Brahma rakshasa.

On every Kaisika Dwadasi day, Nambaduvan, an ardent devotee of the Lord used to sing for the Lord at Thirukurungudi. One year while on the way to Thirukurungudi, Nambaduvan was confrontated by the Brahma Rakshasa. The dialogue between the two ensued and details how the Rakshasa allows for Nambaduvan to go to sing for the Lord, and then come back, for the Rakshasa. After coming back, Nabaduvan saves the Rakhasa from the curse.


Sri Parasara Bhattar

After many thousands of years, on a Kaisika dwadasi day Sri Parasara Bhattar (about 900 yrs ago) chanted the Kaisiki Puranam before Lord Ranganatha with his vyakhyanam (explanations). Lord Ranganatha was immensely pleased and this chanting as rendered by Sri Parasara bhattar is the tradition in Srirangam. To this day the direct descendants of Sri Parasara Bhattar Swami
chant Kaisika Puranam on Kaisika dwadasi day to the Lord at Srirangam…

Note: Details about Kaisika ekadasi excerpted from:


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