The Beautiful Thief of Thirumalirumcholai…


Sri Kallazhagar in procession along the Vaigai river during the Chithirai festival

The Lord appears as Sri Kallazhagar, or the “Beautiful Thief” at Sri Thirumalirumcholai, located right outside of the south Indian metropolis of Madurai. The large temple is set in a clearing on a hillock, surrounded by lush forests (in stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of Madurai). This temple is one of the 108 Divya Desams, and has many legends surrounding it. Sri Malayadvaja Raja (Goddess Meenakshi’s father) did pratyaksham for the Lord here, and he attained moksha by praying to the deity enshrined here…


Sri Kallazhagar bathing in the Noopura Gangai

Below is a video of the bathing of Sri Kallazhagar in the Noopura Gangai, a waterfall that appears outside the temple. The waters of the Noopura Gangai are sacred, and believed to emerge from the anklet (noopuram) of Sri Vamana when He raised His foot to measure the heavenly planets in His second of three paces. Watch till the end of the video. You will get a rare glimpse of the Lord in simple wet bathing garments, and one can really appreciate His beautiful features, sans adornments…


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  1. The entire city of Madurai wears a festive look on this day. Another nice Post Prabhu!

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