Kartik Maas begins…

Sri Sri Radha Krsna- The Divine Couple

Today the auspicious month of Kartik commences. The scriptures extol the virtues of following the rules and regulations of devotional service to Lord Hari during this month. It is believed that any service rendered to the Lord bears incalculable fruit, even if done contemptuosly or unwittingly. Residing at sacred places (Vrindavan, Mathura, etc) and offerings lamps to Sri Damodara, after whom this month is named are some of the recommended activities.

The recitation of the Damodarashtaka prayers first rendered by Sri Satyavrata Muni in the Padma Purana is a tradition laid down by the acharyas. The recitation of this prayer is believed to be sufficient to attract Lord Damodara, the all-attractive Lord in His form as the infant Krsna, tied to the grinding mortar by Yashoda’s love. The Lord enacts inconceivable pastimes with His pure devotees, yet is out of reach of those who approach Him tainted by karma and jnana.

Sri Pillai Lokacharya

In this regard, in his Caramasloka, Sri Pillai Lokacharya ironically states in verse 274, ” The holy son of the emperor Dasaratha, [Sri Ramachandra] said that even if one comes to Him with all his sins, he will be accepted. This one [Lord Krsna] said that he must get rid of all his merits and then come!”

Srimati Radharani, in all Her splendor

The Kartik vrata is also known as Urjja vrata, referring to Srimati Radharani as the true focus of the month’s devotions. Lord Krsna’s month Margasirsha is the month that follows Kartik, much as Lord Krsna’s name is always mentioned after Srimati Radharani’s…

Sri Damodara Lila ki Jai!

Sri Urjjesvari Srimati Radharani ki Jai!


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