Brahmotsavam Day 6: Hanumantha & Gaja Vahanas

Sri Malayappa Swami on the Hanumantha Vahanam

One the sixth day, Sri Malayappa Swami gives darshan on Siriya Thiruvadi – Lord Hanuman. Hanuman is the devoted servant of Lord Ramachandra. For the nine days of the brahmotsavam, Sri Malayappa Swami gives darshan in various ways to fulfill the desires of His devotees. The Lord appears as Sri Krsna, Mohini Murti, Sriman Narayana with His consorts Sri & Bhu devis, and also as Sri Ramachandra, the Lord of Sita and Hanuman. Hanuman, the embodiment of devotion in servitude, carries Lord Malayappa Swami through the temple precincts to the sounds of vedic chants…

Sri Malayappa Swami on the Gaja Vahanam

In the evening, Sri Malayappa Swami rides the Gaja vahanam. The elephant symbolizes the mind, which is difficult to control. The Lord as Hrisikesha, the Master of the sense, comes astride the elephant arrayed with jewels in all majesty. The elephant is also seen as a reminder of the Lord’s compassion on His elephant devotee, Gajendra, whom He rescued from the crocodile, and bestowed sarupya mukti (liberation by attaining the same form as the Lord’s in the spiritual world)…

ஓம் நமோ நாராயணாய!


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