Brahmotsavam Day 4: Kalpavriksha & Sarvabhupala Vahanams

Sri Malyappa Swami with consorts on the Kalpavriksha vahanam

On the fourth day of the festivities, Sri Malayappa Swami gives darshan with Sri & Bhu devis on the Kalpavriksha vahanam (Wish-fulfilling desire tree). The Lord appears under the canopy of this mystical tree to show that for His devotees, He is the fulfiller of all their desires- material and spiritual. He is no ordinary kalpavriksha either. According to vedic lore, a kalpavriksha tree fulfills all the desires of one who approaches it. In comparison, the Supreme Lord, Sri Krsna discriminates between beneficial and non-beneficial desires of a devotee, and only fulfills those that would aid the devotee in ultimately attaining the Lord’s lotus feet- our eternal transcendental position…

Close up of Sri Malayappa with Sri & Bhu devis

The Lord also outcompetes the ordinary kalpavriksha tree in one more way. A kalpavriksha tree must be sought and approached for the fulfillment of one’s desires. The tree will not leave the place where it grows. Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling cow also cannot be controlled, and many sages fought over her, since eat coveted her for comfort, and benedictions. Lord Krsna is a transcendental kalpavriksha that moves! If asked sincerely by the devotee, the Lord will appear in one’s home, and even one’s heart instantly. By fulfilling all of one’s desires, with one’s ultimate benefit at heart, the Lord puts all other kalpavriksha trees to shame…

Sri Malayappa Swami dressed as Lord Krsna Himself

Lord Malayappa Swami is dressed as Kaliya Narthana Krsna- Lord Krsna dancing on the hoods of the serpent Kaliya. The Lord danced on Kaliya’s hoods to subdue the wicked serpent’s pride, and the vanquish the fear of the gentle cowherders and milk-maids of Vrindavan. The Lord forgave Kaliya for his offences, granted benedictions to the devout wives of Kaliya, and cleansed the waters of the Yamuna all with this one transcendental act. Kaliya represents brutality and treachery in devotional service. The Lord dances on the heads of such negativity and subdues these for the devotee, allowing progress in devotional service to His lotus feet. Kaliya’s hatred was so all-consuming that he even struck Lord Krsna with his poisonous fangs. The ever-kind Lord still forgave this demon, and Kaliya became a great devotee of the Lord. Some say that this was not only due to the Lord’s compassion for Kaliya, but also because of the pleas from Kaliya’s wives who were unalloyed devotees of Sri Govinda…

Sri Malayappa Swami with consorts on the Sarvabhupala vahanam

After giving darshan on the kalpavriksha vahanam, the Lord appears with His consorts on the Sarvabhupala vahanam. “Sarvabhupala” means “All the guardians of the material universe.” Sri Malayappa Swami appears in this flower decked canopy to give darshan and benedictions to the ashtadikpalakas (the guardians of the eight directions)- Indra, Vayu, Varuna, Yama, Kubera, etc. Each of these presiding deities makes offerings to the Lord when He appears under this canopy. The Lord is dressed as Sri Rajagopala – “The Royal Cowherder” with His consorts Sri & Bhu devis, dressed as Sri Rukmini & Satyabhama devis. With His right hand holding a whip, and His left arm resting affectionately on the shoulders of Sri Satyabhama, the Lord appears as the Lord of Lords.

ஓம் நமோ நாராயணாய!


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