Brahmotsavam Day 3: Simha & Muthyalapandiri Vahanams

Sri Malayappa Swami in Yoga Narasimha Alankara on the Simha Vahanam

On the third day, Sri Malayappa Swami graces His devotees with darshan on the Simha vahanam (lion vehicle). The lion evokes  sense of awe, majesty, royalty, and even fear. The Lord appeared as Lord Narasimha to save His devotee Prahlada from the attacks of his cruel father Hiranyakashipu. The Lord destroyed the wasp-like demon much as “a carpenter splits cane.” This form of the Lord is known to be especially benevolent to His devotees, who like Prahlada seek protection from all manner of fears at His feet. As further reference to the Lord as being lionine, Sri Godhadevi refers to the Lord in the 1st paasuram of the Tiruppaavai as “yashodayin ilam singham” or Yashoda’s lion cub, a reference to Lord Krsna as an infant…

Close-up of the Sri Malayappa Swami on the Simha Vahanam

On the evening of the third day, Sri Malayappa Swami appears with His consorts on the Muthyalupandiri vahanam (pearl canopy). Surrounded by the swaying of strings of priceless pearls, the Lord appears in the posture of killing Bakaasura, the wicked crane demon whom Krsna kills by bifurcating the bird’s beak with His lotus hands, once again allowing peace to prevail in the realm of Vrindavana…

Sri Malappa Swami with consorts on the Muthyalupandiri Vahana

Sri Malayappa Swami appears grasping Bakaasura’s head, and gracefully places His left foot on the demon’s body, thus vanquishing the duplicity, cunningness and all manner of falsehood from the hearts of His devotees, without which the progression of devotion to Him is halted…

ஓம் நமோ நாராயணாய!


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