Brahmotsavam Day 2: Sri Chinna Sesha & Hamsa Vahanams

Sri Malayappa Swami adorned as Sri Mohana Krishna on the Chinna Sesha Vahanam

On the second day, Lord Malayappa Swami comes in procession on the Chinna Sesha Vahanam (small serpent vehicle). The Lord is seated alone (on the Pedda Sesha Vahanam, the Lord gives darshan with His consorts), and is offered many articles of worship by the brahmanas who surround Him…

Sri Malayappa Swami dressed as Saraswathi, on the Hamsa Vahana

The Hamsa or swan is a vedic symbol of the realized soul. Swans are believed to be untouched by impurity… they float on clear waters, are white in color, and are even thought to be able to drink only milk, even if the milk is adulterated with water. So Sri Malayappa Swami appears as muni maanasa rajahamsa or the swan floating in the minds of His saintly devotees. The Hamsa vahana shows that the Lord has all of these mystical qualities attributed in vedic lore to swans, as He Himself is the source of such opulences.

ஓம் நமோ நாராயணாய!


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    Its really marvellous. Thanks a lot for keeping these photos, Please keep on doing this service, and get blessings of LORD VENKATESWARA.

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