Brahmotsavam Day 1: Dwaja Arohanam & Sri Pedda Sesha Vahanam

Garuda Dwaja in procession prior to hoisting at Sri Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam

Today is the auspicious beginning of the Brahmotsavam in Tirupati. This festival was originally celebrated by Lord Brahma, in honor of the appearance of Sri Venkateshwara, the Lord the Seven Sacred Hills at Tirumala. Sri Venkateshwara’s appearance is mentioned in puranic lore, and many consider the Lord at this place to be the deity Who vanquishes the effects of Kali yuga…

The first day of the nine day festival is when the hoisting of the Garuda dwaja (flag) is done at the Dwaja stambha (flag pole) facing the main sanctum of Lord Venkateshwara. The flag is installed, worshipped, and then processed around the sanctum. Garuda is worshipped on the dwaja stambha, and then the flag is hoisted amidst chants from the vedas, in the presence of Sri Malayappa Swami, His consorts, and His associates – Sri Ananta Sesha, Sri Vishvaksena, Sri Garuda- as well as the assembled devotees and priests…

Sri Ananta Sesha & Sri Garuda attending the flag hoisting ceremony

Following the flag hoisting, Sri Malayappa Swami gives darshan on the Pedda Sesha Vahanam (large sepent vehicle). The Lord appears as Sri Vaikuntapathi- the Lord of Vaikunta, with His bliss-filled consorts Sri & Bhu devis by His side.

Sri Malayappa Swami with consorts on the Pedda Sesha Vahanam

Stay tuned for more beautiful pictures and descriptions of the various alankaras of Lord Venkateshwara as His appearance is celebrated in Tirumala…

ஓம் நமோ நாராயணாய!


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