Oracle of Rama

Ever tried tarot cards? I have to admit they are intriguing, especially if I’m mentally jumbled. I recently found a Krsna conscious version of tarot cards. It’s called the “Oracle of Rama” which is available through, done by Dr. David Frawley. The oracle consists of a divination deck with verses from Tulsidas’ Rama Charit Maanas (a vernacular version of the Ramayana, which became extremely popular, because of the approachability of the language, as well as it’s poetic metaphors). on each card.

One then selects a guide who include Rama, Sita, Bharata, Shatrugna, Hanuman, and Rama’s Holy Name. The guide one selects can be selected anew at each consultation, or one can decide whom one desires to follow, or feels a closest connection with, and have each oracle reading with one’s selected guide.

After clearing one’s mind, offering prayers to Lord Rama, one formulates a question, and then selects a card. Each card refers to one section in a chapter of Tulsidas’ work. Each card has predictions based on the seven verses in the section selected. One then refers to the booklet to read the actual section of the Rama Charit Maanas, to see how the particular part of the Ramayana refers to one’s personal question or circumstances. I’ve found it immensely helpful. Above all, the cards all ask one to have faith in Rama, His Holy Name, and to follow in the footsteps of His faithful followers- all good things!

Sri Rama, with Sri Lakshmana, and Goddess Sita at Bhadrachalam

My most recent reading told me the following image, and reading…

Rama wins Sita for His wife by breaking Lord Shiva’s bow. This is the summit of happiness in the story that Saint Tulsidas wishes to emphasize. Therefore this section is supremely auspicious.

The last verse of the fourth chapter brings good fortune to every home. Every day brings prosperity and a happy destiny when Dasaratha’s Prince Rama lives in our hearts.

The summit of happiness is gained. It can only be sustained by holding the Divine Presence in our hearts. Then we go beyond karma or fate that always leads to reversals or difficulties. The fourth chapter is filled with good indications. The last verse contains the culmination of all of these.

Now you only have to guess the question I posed to Lord Rama for this reading!


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