Since Krsna = God…

I found this poem on a small plaque at the clinic I work at. I thought it was touching… in a Hallmark greeting card kind of way. So I substituted “Krsna” for “God”… and you can see the results for yourself! It reminds me of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s mood… some echo verses of the Sikshashtakam prayers, and others of the ecstatic symptoms that Mahaprabhu experienced in Puri Dham towards the end of His manifest pastimes…

My Love

Love is a gift that comes from above.

Love is of Krsna and Krsna is love.

Which means that a little of Krsna is part,

of every single human heart.

And with this gift of love is dealt.

the very essense of life itself.

Oh love, what heavenly grace impart

that hastens my breath, quickens my heart.

What sensation do you entreat,

that sends me dancing on nimble feat.

That light-hearted feel that flutters within

then with a tingle bursts to the skin.

That brings forth tears of happiness

entwined with peace and contentedness.

That cleanses my soul and washes away

the cares and troubles of every day.

To sense your nearness, feel your embrace…

to close my eyes and see your face.

My Love, I want the world to know,

Oh Krsna, oh Krsna, I love you so.


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