Lord Krsna Appears

On the eight day of the dark half of the lunar month of Shravana, when the Rohini star was on the ascendant, Svayam Bhagavan, Sri Krsna appeared in this world. The age was Dvapara yuga, and Lord Krsna appeared in Mathura, in a jail cell to Devaki and Vasudeva. They were His ardent devotees who had previously desired to have Lord Vishnu as their son, and had done austerities for many births. To fulfil the their desires and those of countless other devotees, and to vanquish the demons beginning with Putana, Lord Krsna appeared like the rising moon at midnight, the crest-jewel of the Yadu dynasty…

The appearance of the Supreme Lord Krsna is miraculous, and even Lord Shiva, Lord Brahma, and the demigods gathered to witness this event, eager to see this rare and nectarean two-armed form of the Lord. It is said in scriptures that the Lord appears variously with eight, four or two arms… the form with two arms is the most captivating of all. It is this form that Krsna told Arjuna to meditate on, and it was this form that Arjuna surrendered to on the battlefield of Kurukshetra… two armed, bluish complexion, wearing divine ornaments and yellow silk raiments…

Lord Krsna soon appeared in Gokula, and manifested His childhood pastimes in the house of Nanda Maharaja, and Yashoda Rani. Who can estimate their good fortune, for the Supreme Absolute Truth was playing in their back yard in the form of a child!

Later on, He manifested His sweet pastimes with the Srimati Radharani, and the gopis that are unparalleled in both the Vedic scriptures, and non-Vedic sources of revelation… Lord Krsna appears in His fullest manifestation when surrounded by the Gopis… like the Moon surrounded by the stars in the night sky…

All glories to Sri Krsna’s mysterious appearance!

All glories to Sri Radha and Her Beloved Sri Gopivallabha!


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