Happy Birthday Dauji!

Dauji is another name for Lord Balarama, Lord Krsna’s elder brother. This name for Lord Balaram is popular in Vrindavan, especially in Gokul where there are temples dedicated to Dauji.

So yesterday was Dauji’s birthday… and I was in Boston to celebrate it. Dauji and His brother, Kanaiya visited descended from Their abode to give all of us Their merciful sidelong glances on this most auspicious occasion…

Dauji’s birthday is the last day of jhulan yatra, so Little Radha Krsna were swung lovingly by all the devotees. Sri Sri Radha Govinda’s swing pastimes are eternal, and occur at several places in Vrindavan, but most importantly, on the banks of Sri Radha Kunda, arranged for Radha and Govinda’s pleasure by Srimati Vrinda Devi Herself…

Back to Dauji… Dauji leaned gently on Kanaiya, and Both reeled from all the loving attention, as They gave darshan dressed in dashing gamshas for Their abhishek right after Gaura arati.

The abhishek was sweet, with lots of honey, milk, yogurt, and fruit juices (including pomegranate!)…

Everyone got a chance to bathe Their Lordships, and as the abhishek progressed… Dauji’s smile grew wider, and so did Kanaiya’s!

All glories to the elder brother of Sri Gopivallabha, the Original Spiritual Master Who gives shelter to all living entities, and instructs them in their constitional position as Sri Sri Radha Gopivallabha’s eternal servants… Sri Sri Dauji Kanaiya ki JAI!

Note: All images of Dauji & Kanaiya are copyrighted by Yogamaya dd, Their loving proprietor!


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