Confessions of a closet “Hindu”…

So recently, I’ve encountered some Hindu schmindu mumbo jumbo… so it’s time for me to confess… I’m a closet Hindu! Whatever could that mean, you might ask. Well, I have a soft corner for the demigods (I know, the “D” word). I don’t think that in comparison to them, I’m much better. Afterall, I find myself, in the material world WITH the demigods…

Lord Shiva… major player…cool as an ice cube

The demigods are Krsna’s empowered representatives who exercise a sort of “Power of Attorney” to act in the material creation, on Krsna’s behalf. At the end of the day, the demigods report to the Boss, Sri Krsna, and all their helmets clatter on the floor in front of Krsna’s lotus feet, out of deference and respect.

So are they the enemy? In some circles, yes. But not for me. I was raised Hindu, and so when I see the demigods, I recognize old friends, and well-wishers… “friends in high places” you might say. I wouldn’t worship them in place of Krsna, but I wouldn’t drive by them without rolling down my window and waving!

Hanuman…playful…friend to all

So Kali, and Durga, Shiva and Karttikeya… all names that invoke fear, and confusion amongst the ranks of ISKCON faithful. Rest easy, we all have a little Indra in us, so I feel in my case, I think it best to look and learn. The Srimad Bhagavatham speaks of instances where the demigods were instructed, or humbled by Krsna, both for their good, and our benefit. One day, the little Indra’s inside us will be defeated by Krsna (yes, by the little Krsna inside us – the Supersoul!), and we can make it happen faster by turning him over to Krsna sooner than late.

Lord Krsna… the little blue Boy…more than meets the eye!

Two things struck me about the demigods recently, that prompted me to write this post. Many find the demigods attractive. Durga feels powerful, Kali ghastly, Shiva cool as a cube, and Ganesh…well chubby. Krsna’s very name means “All Attractive,” and so, undeniably, He is the source of all that is attractive and beautiful. Krsna states, “Know that all opulent, beautiful and glorious creations spring from but a spark of My splendor.” BG 10.41. So yes, even the attractiveness of the demigods, and indeed, everything we perceive with the senses comes from Krsna originally, and He possesses these qualities in purity and fullness.

Srimati Radharani… She’s sweet on Krsna!

So just because I’m Indian (have an “Indian body”… or more accurately, the “Indian body” has me!), I don’t secretly worship Durga in my basement, before attending the sunday feast… anymore, than the temple president recites the rosary when he gets stressed… or does he? So does that still make me Hindu?


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  1. DustOfGopisLFeet

    Jai Sri RadheShyam,

    Dear SriKrishna,
    Today’s blog spot article is simply “AWE SOME”, very very “SWEET”, “CUTE”, really “ADORABLE” and if I have not mentioned it already a feast for the eyes, senses, heart, spirit and soul. I really love today’s pictures and articles. Every one of them. Please continue to post such treasures every day.

    Always&Forever the Dust of the Lotus Feet of Beloved Gopis.

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