Sri Pushkar

We are almost done with our tour of the 8 svayam vyakta kshetras. Today’s post is about Pushkar. Located close to Ajmer, in the western state of Rajasthan, Pushkar is increasingly becoming a popular tourist destination. It’s annual fair, held in November, draws thousands of tourists and is the site of the world’s largest camel fair…

Pushkar Lake

Pushkar is an unusual sacred place, as it is the only place where a temple exists for the worship of Lord Brahma. Here Lord Brahma is referred to as “Jagat Pita” or “Father of Creation.” The current temple was constructed in the 14th century.

Temple for Lord Brahma, Pushkar

Pushkar is also reputed to be the birthplace of Sri Parasara Muni. The local Parasara brahmanas claim descent from this great sage.

Deity of Lord Brahma (courtesy of Manu at

Lord Brahma was cursed by Brighu Muni to never be worshipped as a deity. Lucky for Lord Brahma, this temple in Pushkar, and two others (one in Uttar Pradesh, and the other in Bali, Indonesia). The demigods released a swan with lotus flower in it’s beak, and the place where the flower fell was named Pushkar (“Flower Born”), where Lord Brahma chose to perform a large yajna…


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