Sri Hayagriva

Sri Hayagriva along with His divine consort, Sri Lakshmi are worshipped all over south India. Both the Sri & Madhva sampradayas had illustrious acharyas who worshipped this form of the Lord, as their ishtadeva (chosen deity). Notable personalities include Sri Vadiraja Tirtha of the Madhva sampradaya, and Swami Vedanta Desikan of the Sri sampradaya. The one-pointed devotion to this form of the Lord by these two exemplary Vaishnava devotees can only be described as matchless.

Lord Hayagriva, Sri Vadiraja Mutt

Sri Vadiraja Tirtha fed Lord Hayagriva from his own hand, and the Lord appeared as a white horse to accept his offering. Swami Desikan is considered to be an expansion of Lord Hayagriva, and just one look at his sanskrit compositions will confirm this notion! It is said that Desikan had a vision of Lord Hayagriva, and the Lord’s saliva fell on his tongue, conferring him exquisite literary and poetic skills, that stand out as notable, even after the passing of many centuries.

Swami Vedanta Desikan

Sri Vaishnava’s worship Lord Hayagriva on the day of Saraswati puja (normally Vijayadasami day, also known as Dusser, or Sri Rama Vijayotsava). On this day, books, and implements are worhsipped, and students offer their respects to the Lord for knowledge in their academic pursuits, and also get a day off from homework!

Sri Yoga Hayagriva Swamy

“The Lord appeared as the Hayagriva incarnation in a sacrifice performed by me [Brahma]. He is the personified sacrifices, and the hue of His body is golden. He is the personified Vedas as well, and the Supersoul of all demigods. When He breathed, all the sweet sounds of the Vedic hymns came out of His nostrils.” – SB 2.7.11


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