Draupadi’s appeal for protection

Sri Sri Radha Krsna, ISKCON Hartford

Ever felt like things were unravelling? Well I know the feeling. Imagine how Draupadi must have felt in front of the entire royal assembly! What about Gajendra who thrashed about in the water for over a 1000 years with the evil croc? And Prahlad who had be mercilessly (and relentlessly) tortured by his own father?

The Srimad Bhagavatham is full of devotees in distress… and their eloquent appeals to Lord Krsna for help. The ever merciful Lord never lets harm to His devotees (although it often feels like He lets them get perilously close). Bhaktavastala is Lord Krsna. He’s also Dina Bandhu. So want help? Just ask for it!

Lord Narayana rushed from Vaikunta, His garments, ornaments and hair all in splendid disarray just to rescue Gajendra. He hid Himself in the pillar, and manifested a most amazing form to vanquish Prahlad’s wicked father, Hiranyakashipu (who definitely had it coming to him). And Draupadi’s plea for help… was heard by Lord Krsna all the way in Dwaraka… and for the kindness she had shown him a long time before, Lord Krsna repaid her kindness with not just one garment, but an endless colorful stream of saris, so she would not be publicly humiliated.

The following is an excerpt of Draupadi’s plea from Sri Rupa Goswami’s Padyavali…

Lord Krsna, who is like sun rising in the darkness, like a boat drowning, like a sweet rain cloud to those dying of thirst, like fabulous wealth to the poverty-stricken, and like an infallible physician to those afflicted with the most painful disease, has come to grant auspiciousness to us.

Sri Padyavali, verse 51


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