Call Krsna & go back home…

Ever thought about just going home? By that I mean returning to the place you belong… sounds corny enough right? Well, I’ve grown up in so many different countries, that everytime someone asks me where I’m from, I don’t know which place to mention. Sometimes I chose out of convenience based on circumstances or context. Other times I named a place because most people’s knowledge of geography was a limiting factor (!).

My home away from Home: ISKCON Boston

Unsettling, and abnormal as this feels to me, I sense that what I’ve experienced in my short life, is actually something every living entity has experienced over countless lifetimes. We don’t belong to any place in this world, nor are we who we say we are (or what we think we look like either!). So then the question may be asked… who are we? Where are we from? What do we really look like? How do we find all of this out?

A worthwhile clue is offered by Srila Narottama Das Thakura in his Prema Bhakti Chandrika:

“When arrested by the highwaymen of material illusion, bound about the neck with ropes of lust, and about to take his last breath, the devotee of Lord Hari calls out for the Lord’s help and is saved. O devotees, call out in this way, glorifying the nectar topics of pure love for Krsna. Then the calamity of repeated birth and death will come to an end.”

So once again, it’s Krsna’s Holy Name that comes to our rescue. It’s like a parent who rushes to a child’s rescue, the very instant a child calls for help. Lord Vishnu came for Gajendra, and the Vishnudutas came to Ajamila’s rescue. We just haven’t called Krsna yet. Maybe we don’t need His help…or so we think… and as we think, so we act…and we stay where were are

My real Home!

So let’s take the sage advice of Srila Narottama, and Sri Rupa…

“Go ahead and worship Lord Brahma! Go ahead and worship Lord Siva! Go ahead and worship the Supreme Brahman! I will not follow you. I will simply worship Vrindavan forest, which brought transcendental delight to Lord Krsna”

From Sri Padyavali, verse 126


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