Sri Krsna Dhyana

I worship Lord Govinda, whose complexion is the color of a blooming blue lotus flower, whose face is like the moon, who is fond of wearing peacock feather crown, who bears the mark of Srivatsa, who wears a great Kaustubha gem, who is dressed in yellow garments, whose handsome form is worshipped with offerings of lotus flowers that are the gopis glances, who is accompanied by a host of surabhi cows and gopas, who is fond of sweetly playing the flute, and whose transcendental body is decorated with glittering ornaments.

His handsome form gracefully bending in three places, His beautiful earrings reaching to His shoulders, the vines of His eyebrows slightly raised, His glance crooked, His delicate lips slightly pursed, and His flower blossom fingers moving restlessly, Krsna happily enchants the entire world as He fills His flute with music under a kalpa-vrksa tree. In this way, one may meditate on Lord Krsna.

A garland of campaka flowers resting on His gracefully sloping shoulders, Krsna places the flute to His lips. I eternally offer my respectful obeisances to Krsna, who is victorious over Kamsa.

His loosened hair crowned with a peacock feather and flowing over His shoulders, His handsome form bending in three places, and His feet crossing as He dances, merciful and charming Krsna plays His flute. Such is the Lord whom I worship.

From Sri Padyavali (verses 46-49)


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  1. Sri Sri Radha-Gopivallabha Ki Jai! I love the decorations on Gopivallabha’s face! Beautiful! You must come and visit Gaura-Nitai soon, They miss you!

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