Nothing but “Krsna” issues from His mouth

“krsna” – ei dui varna sada ya-‘ra mukhe
athava krsnake ti-ho varne nija sukhe
dehakantye haya ti-ho akrsna-varana
“akrsna” – varane kahe pita-varana

The two syllables “krsna” are always in His mouth, or He always describes Krsna with great pleasure. These are two meanings of the words “krsna-varna.” Indeed, nothing but Krsna issues from His mouth. If someone tries to describe Him as being of blackish complexion, the next adjective, “tvisakrsnam” immediately restricts him. His complexion is certainly not blackish. Indeed, His not being blackish indicates that his complexion is golden. (Caitanya Caritamrta-Adi 3.53,56)


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